Learn to pick my fights

I’m starting to think I should just stick with what works and learn to be happy with it.

Solus Linux has been working wonderfully on my laptop, so I decided to install it on my desktop too. It turns out it throws me an error when the machine boots up. So, back to Manjaro on the desktop, maybe the laptop too, I haven’t decided yet. It’s not that I don’t like Manjaro. I really do. I just thought I’d found something that was simpler to maintain, requiring less work.

A couple of weeks ago, I broke a zipper on a pair of jeans. I decided to replace my regular carpenter jeans for something a little less relaxed fit and a little more professional looking. I also decided to try out a different brand. I thought it might be nice to jump down a little on the waste size. That was a mistake.

A few weeks before that, I decided to try a pretzel crust pizza and a fast food carry out place. It was not good. Instead of red sauce, there was cheese-based product.

Sometimes it’s hard pushing your boundaries and trying new things. Sometimes that new experience comes back to bite you. Its more expensive, it takes more time, its not as satisfying.

Does that mean I should stop trying?

Probably not. Maybe I learn to live with some choices. Manjaro seems to take anything I can throw at it and come back smiling. My regular jeans are comfortable, affordable, and I know they fit. Sausage pizza is tasty and I don’t get it all that often. Live with it.

However, you never know when you’ll find something new that you love. You could end up with a slice of processed cheese pizza sadness, but you could find an operating system that you like that runs on anything you throw it on.

Maybe I just need to choose my battles a bit better.

4 thoughts on “Learn to pick my fights”

  1. There is some truth in what you say. I pursued the perfect for years when I first started in computers, in about 1983. New operating systems. 3 versions of DOS. About all versions of Windows until V8. A bunch of MAC versions. 3 or 4 versions of OS/2, my all time favorite. And Linux, none of desktops are of much interest to me, they are mostly window dressings.
    What I found, as I grew older and my eyes dimmed and brain slowed down. My needs have changed.
    I started in computers thinking everything seemed possible. I was wrong. I thought of it as a way to get work done and store things.
    Last week I signed a rental agreement. I signed in five places. That is not what I envisioned.
    So the computer business has left me behind and so far my only option seems to move backward and use older ways to accomplish things. I have removed myself from the Internet. I only do browsing and email from two iPads that don’t attach to my regular network.
    So my only point is this those of us who live long enough. We will not be able to use the tools we built. Just a warning.

      1. Quite right, both of you!
        Now that i find myself legally ‘Handicapped’, I also must choose my battles. Do I try to get the Handicapped bus or go immediately with a Taxi as there is nothing within walking distance worth getting to. (Uber in this place? Not a chance in H#00!)
        Clothes, although the rest of me is fairly stable, the waistband varies like the numbers from a lotto machine 🙁
        Operating systems, well CP/M, DoS, OS/2, Sinclair, Windows 3.11 to 10, Linux (too many systems to remember but my favourite was Mandriva).
        Do I get a new fishing rod? What size, type, reel?
        Back to jeans, there is another option: zipper or button front!

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