What free time?

My quest to improve myself has an unexpected side effect. My free time is disappearing. I’ve begun taking classes towards a certificate in Web Programming so I can expand my skill set at work. I’ve taken programming courses before, but I didn’t use what I learned, so I’ve forgotten a lot of it. Taking this course on Python has help sharpen my problem solving skills, but taken up a lot of my evenings with studying. I want to do well in this class.

Thonny has become an invaluable tool for class. I like that I can slide it onto a flash drive and use it in class and that it runs on both Windows and Linux. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re trying to learn Python.

I’ll pop back in when I have more time. My analysis paralysis on web browsers alone should be good for a page or two. Don’t get me started on the sad state of email clients.

2 thoughts on “What free time?”

  1. It’s another IDE for Python. It can replace Idle. I think you can also just run the installer whether or not you have another instance of Python installed

    I believe it currently comes with Python 3.7.6 on Windows. I also have it installed on my Manjaro Linux machines, through the AUR, and I think that’s updated to Python 3.8.something.

    Mostly I like that it has a shell and programming window available at the same time. You can also view other windows, for variables or debugging, etc. Since I’m pretty new to Python, it’s nice to have more teaching information available, like this.

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